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It’s Friday so time for a little bit of silly. I try to keep this blog for my art but occasionally we have to shake things up. Besides, what’s more artistic than Mikkelsen’s face? XD

This was a project I coordinated as a birthday gift to my sister, who happens to love sloths and coincidentally Mads Mikkelsen. I did the only logical thing and combined them with the help of many wonderful friends who pitched in. The result is hilarious and the most fun I’ve had making a gift in a long time. Some people even went on to draw SUPER CUTE illustrations of Mads with sloths, but I don’t feel comfortable posting their art so I’ll let them do that! However I had a hunch the internet would enjoy our photoshop delinquency. 

Tumblr doesn’t let me upload more than 10 images at a time but I implore you to also check out January, February, and March as well. They’re all so good. 

Thank you to bluealaris, lohkay, zimmay, finnichang, starthistle, lyndztanica, zetallis, lovemilkbun, pyawakit, akemi-k, darthbennett, and gneeworks for humoring me with this silly project. 

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I think the earth moved

well something of mine moved

they better be taking this story line somewhere I love the Shield way too fucking much

add this photo to my “This is Why You Should Watch Wrestling” evidence pile

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Loki leggings are a thing now! Please do enjoy, mewling quims.

kim oh my god

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Illustrations : by Alex Kirzhner / Tumblr / Store

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Puppy love by Menno Schaefer via 500px.

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There’s a tendency to value romantic and sexual relationships over other types of relationships, where friendship and queerplatonic connections are considered the training wheels for the real relationship, and where it’s assumed that nonsexual partners always take a back seat to other kinds of relationships. And don’t enjoy a connection with the same emotional depth as a sexual relationship. We are, after all, just the second fiddles, the entertainment while the primary partner is away.

The devaluation of these kinds of connections means that many people are also deeply confused by them, especially when they encounter queerplatonic partners in person. And I do say partner, and sometimes refer to the unit formed by a partner and myself as a couple, because we are. We function like a couple, we do things together, we are intimate with each other, though not necessarily in the way people expect. We are a couple. (…)

We baffle and confuse people. They don’t understand how two people who appear on the surface to be a romantic couple are not, and all the attempts in the world to disentangle their assumptions usually end up just more snarled and snagged, because of the deeply rooted social attitudes about relationships and friendships and everything between. The very concept of a queerplatonic relationship is beyond the ken for most people; even if it’s thumbnail defined as an intense friendship, though this is not really accurate, people still don’t get it. They can’t fathom the idea that people can enjoy intimate relationships that are not intimate in the sexual sense.

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i die

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”Women must give birth, men have to be tattooed,” says one Samoan tattoo song, expressing an age-old idea of equality between the sexes. Both must endure pain. In traditional Samoan society all young males had to be tattooed when they reached their late teens. Otherwise they were not considered real men. Nowadays, the custom is no longer general, but it is still associated with manhood and male prestige, and hugely popular.

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hot grease

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